Privacy Policy

1. General

This Privacy Policy was developed with your (hereinafter referred to as the “user”, “users”, or “their”) ease of understanding in mind. iCubeTech Services (hereinafter referred to as “iCubeTech Services”, or “our”) develops and publishes Facebook Instant Games. This Privacy Policy applies whenever you use our “Services,” which means our games. This Privacy Policy describes the methods of collection and protection of the user’s data and other such pertinent information.

This Privacy Policy is available for perusal at all times. Should there be any changes or amendments to this Privacy Policy, iCubeTech Services will notify the user by posting the amended version on this site.

2. Information collected while the user plays our Services

To use our Services, the user may log in through their Facebook Messenger account. Through this login process, our Services collect the following information:

  1. The user’s game-scoped ID
  2. The user’s Facebook Messenger user ID
  3. The user’s game data (score, rank, items, etc.)
  4. The user’s language setting
  5. The timestamp of when the user last accessed the application

Upon registration, user’s game-scope ID, Facebook Messenger user ID, and user’s language setting are collected enabling our Services to send push notifications sent through Facebook Messenger Game Bots.

Personal information that identifies the user such as name and profile picture are NEVER stored or cached anywhere, but only used to create customized user experience such as personalized share images.

Game data associated with the behavior of the user in our Services are NEVER stored or cached anywhere, but only used to continue user progress.

In order to manage the information our Services receive through Facebook, the user must follow the instructions provided by Facebook for modifying said user’s information and privacy settings. The privacy management tools for applications on Facebook can be found at

3. Push Notifications

Users are provided information about our Services and pertinent content through messages sent through Facebook Game Messenger Bots (hereinafter referred to as “Push Notifications”).

Push Notifications are sent through Facebook messenger, and are set with consent from the user. The user’s browser and/or app and/or device must also support such push notifications. In order to facilitate the delivery of such Push Notifications, our Services must store the user’s game-scoped ID, Facebook messenger user ID, user’s language setting, and timestamp of last access which are all provided when the user plays the game for the very first time.

The user may choose to opt out of the push notification service at any time by disabling the function through the user’s Facebook Messenger settings.

4. User’s Right to Revoke Data Access

Users can always choose to remove our Services from their list of active Instant Games which can be found at

Upon revoking data access, our Services will not be able to make additional requests for user data or send messages.

Users may also opt to delete their game history on Facebook for our Services by checking the box provided in the deletion process.

5. Office in Charge of Protection of Information

To facilitate the protection of information and process related complaints, iCubeTech Services designates an officer in charge of personal information protection.

Should the user have any concern regarding their personal information, they may report it to the aforementioned officer. iCubeTech Services will review such concerns and provide a response.

The user is obliged to provide sufficient and accurate information so that their concerns may be evaluated properly. iCubeTech Services may ask the user to provide additional information as a condition for the evaluation of their concern.

Your Feedback / Complaints

Contact us for any type of help, suggestions, abuse reports, or feedbacks. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Write us at and We will get back to you as soon as we can.

1. How does iCubeTech Services protect my privacy?

We, iCubeTech Services, understand the importance of your privacy. This Privacy Policy is designed to inform you on how we use the information we collect and how we protect your data. We DO NOT STORE any personal information, and we DO NOT SELL your data to any third-party company.

2. I don’t want to play a game by iCubeTech Services anymore. How do I remove the game?

  • From your News Feed, click the arrow found at the top right. Click Settings.
  • Click Instant Games found in the left menu. Click the box next to the game you’d like to remove.
  • Click Remove.
  • A pop-up message will appear. Check the box to delete your game history. Click Remove.

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